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260 & 264 Baker St
Moscow ID 83843


Connectivity Throughout Entire Apartment

No Monthly Time Limits
7 Day a week technical support


Any 802.11b or 802.11g wireless ethernet adapter. Most laptops come standard with a wireless 802.11b/g adapter. If you do not have a wireless adapter one can be purchased at First Step Internet at 1420 S. Blaine Suite 10, Moscow ID 83843.


IOS devices do not support PPPoE.  

PPPoE needs to be setup or your internet
connection will not work.


(Note: If you are using a version of windows prior to Windows XP you will need a PPPoE client. We recommended RASPPPoE. More information can be found at http://www.raspppoe.com/. This is a freeware utility and use is subject to the author's terms and policies.)

Without the PPPoE connection you will be able to connect to the First Step network but not directly to the internet. If you have problems please visit http://www.fsr.com and click the “Live Chat” link or call us at 882-8869 or toll free 888 676 6377.
Call our office at 208.882.8869 to set up service.